Recovery Hump Day Digest

As I look around at the Facebook recovery community it has become more and more obvious to me that not only are the same dog gone people doing the same dog gone things but the same dog gone people are doing the same dog gone things. Who knows maybe that is the secret to recovery and why I am never at peace it wouldn’t surprise me.

HELP RECOVERY PEOPLE please I beg do something new, fresh and exciting that makes me want to come back in and see what you have happening next! Advocate after advocate, marketer or not sharing each other’s quotes every single day. Why in the world do I need to follow Moe, David and Chuck if Moe’s page has exactly the same posts as Davids and Chucks they are even in the same order and hello they say the same damn things. Come on, you need to stop, isn’t your news feed clogged up with same memes back to back? I know that it is because mine is too so let’s please find other stuff to do.

Think about it for a moment. I care about all of you. Even the ones I poke now then and at the very least I am emotionally attached to most of you. For years I have known you so imagine a min that I am someone new.

I don’t know that Carol’s crazy or that Big Jim is a teddy bear. I don’t know who is funny or heard Bobble rant and rest and never have I ever heard Joe Nester sing, Never Gonna Take My Soul, or cried as I played Brandon Kutcheras, Relapse, over and over until I knew every word by heart without the music playing.

You don’t know me and I don’t know you. I am scared and not sure that any of you have hurt like I have. Either everyone seems too perfect or wait you all must be crazy because surely I don’t belong here and none of these fools better even mention rehab while I am here! I am looking for any excuse to run and seeing these copy cat pages feels fake and so cold.

I’m already scared, and I am in so much pain that my heart even hurts that I have done this again. One thing is certain as I sit here the withdraw I am feeling might kill me for real! The last thing you want is for me to I feel alone here.

It’s true we are all in pain but this person needs to know that you aren’t coasting along. They need your passion to catch them tonight and maybe just maybe you will have a chance to save their life!

That person that I just described deserves a whole lot more and I know you want to reach them so do something that isn’t the same as yesterday.

Please there has got to be a better way of reaching people then only sharing the same ten people’s memes. I know I am no expert and what do I know but what if today you spent a few moments today and every day in Facebooks search bar and look for some of the people that you do not already know and give them a like and who knows maybe a share. Say hello and welcome them. You never know they might be exactly what your center, program, ministry or page needs.

It’s scary staring out into a community like this where the story of that scary old lady is real and the newspaper chick ( me ) bounces all over the place! Who do you trust? Remember when you opened your page? It seemed like getting to 1000 might happen some day but you were not sure anyone cared anyway. . You had more questions then answers about the way that it works and the way that you found those answers was by talking to one another back when it felt safe. When we all just wanted to help someone who felt the way we had or looked like a loved one who suffered so bad.

So what, your Tim Ryan, and your girlfriends a movie star, spend. a couple moments in your search bar and send a personal note to someone that is putting in the work but at this time has 500 followers and of course could use some tips. Imagine how awesome that person might feel when they open messenger and find Tim Ryan there. Maybe it’s Rich Walters, Saul Kane, Jennifer Gimenez, Shay Dunn or who knows…fill in your name and meet someone new.

I bet that all of you out there could make someone’s day if you reached outside of your circle and outside of that comfortable space we all usually stay. Welcome somebody that thinks you are the coolest thing since sliced bread and maybe one day you will feel the same about them. You all have the power to change people’s lives you do it everyday so please give this idea a try. If you do and you meet someone wonderful. Please take a few moments and send me a note.

Oh don’t forget to remind our new friends that feeding the old lady is quite dangerous and if they are not comfortable they might be next. Make sure you tell them if they seem very scared to send me a note so I can calm their fears. It will just take a moment to send them screenshots of three or four followers that she really has. I’m sorry Carol take this as a special little gift. Our podcast was a bust I think ten people listened to it. Sorry I lied I knew it would have broken your heart but it was perfect for me cause I could say anything and not worry a bit because I knew that you would be the only one who ever heard it.

I hope that you all meet someone that might make a positive impact on your life and you will do the same in return and all of us at least can laugh at our special follower who after all isn’t making any impact besides in her mind, but u all are free to make a difference in each other’s lives.

A little Story For Fun

Once upon a time back in the woods, lived a little old lady that was up to no good. She hated and hated and shouted out loud that Rich Walters sucked and said he was foul!

Scratching her head where the hair use to be she set out on a mission that was mean and petty. Guessing, stretching and ignoring all proof she set out to destroy a guy with no clue.

No clue that this women was really unsound. This woman has plans to stick around. Rich didn’t abuse, murder or steal, Oh no, what Walters did was STILL a VERY BIG DEAL!

He broke the biggest rule of them all. When Carol told Rich what to do he didn’t do what she said at all! He made his own choice, how dare he do this. He didn’t care that just the thought of his job turned her into a big scary mess. . Not to mention the two little kids looking at him that he had to feed so he told Carol, FUCK OFF I don’t know u LADY! Stop causing me stress!

You don’t get to say what I do with my days and you don’t get to say where Im going to work. Right now that job means food on the fork of my two little ones. It’s as simple as that.

You say that you are just looking out for me, and that I am your brother, your brother in recovery. I am not breaking any laws or hurting anyone, as a matter of fact my works just begun. Despite what you say it doesn’t involve any guns.

You didn’t give me a chance to prove you wrong you never miss a chance take a crack at me. It’s too bad you won’t open your eyes cause if you ever did you might be surprised to see for yourself the love in my heart for anyone who struggles and fights addiction with all they have …they don’t get better because Rich Is alters is there they do work and I’m with them as much or as little as they like. They don’t all love me some think I’m too much and maybe it’s true but damn it I love them and want them to survive a disease thatt has stolen from my life.

to see what I would do, instead you assumed that I would do worst and went as far as a well fair check on my little ones cause I did a video live on Facebook and she was so sure that it was abuse.

Hold on just a second I have more to say you have been an evil and hateful lady. You act as though you are a good guy when really you don’t do anything but better than lie. Not once have you used one iota of proof instead you make accusations and that’s all that you do.

Do me a favor and ask yourself why, do you spend everyday judging my life? You are right I’m not perfect I fuck up a lot. So I say I am sorry and I make my amends and Carol THAT IS WHY I have all those friends that stay do or die. I hope that one day you can too but you would have to leave your fantasy world and admit that your motivation wasn’t pure, you thought that I should have listened to you.
I didn’t
I won’t
I shouldn’t
I don’t

It’s time you move on and do something new because nobody really is listening to you. I wrote these dumb words for my entertainment and now your page will be fun for a moment today.

Here We Go Again

If anyone in this community is a flip flipper it’s got to be me. I believe in people believe it or not. In order for me to stop speaking to someone there has to be some serious crap going on.

One thing that will push me away quicker than ever is when I try my absolute best and it just isn’t good enough. That is how it was with Carol and I. As soon as she gets a chance she will tell you that I hurt her and that I mislead her. If I know her at all she will say that I am using and more than likely I mislead her and took money from her in a deceptive way. The truth of the matter is that I am in a complicated relationship to say the least. Anyone that has been in an abusive relationship can tell you that leaving isn’t as easy as it sounds.

I made a series of mistakes while in the process of escaping my situation only to be found in Ohio not thinking that the gps in the car was attached to our cell phones. I spent days doing everything in my power to escape only to be found and I didn’t have anymore fight in me.

I was exhausted, hungry and without a phone that would do anything other than text. I unfortunately made the choice I have made a thousand times before and that choice was to move out of the drivers seat and allow myself to be driven back to the only life I have known for the past 25 years.

When I had a chance to send a message out I did through email but apparently that was not sufficient enough so once again a police officer was at the door to do a wellfair check

Never mind the fact that it was just a couple years ago that Carol had a major part in my being arrested and spending ten days in jail for something I was completely innocent of. I forgave, but that is what I do.

Unfortunately Carol gets an idea in her mind and that is it. So the officer handed me his card and told me to call him if need be. Maybe one day I will do that. At this moment I am not strong enough. What is much harder to handle than the twenty five years of walking on egg shells is fact that weakness and mistake has turned me into a liar, cheater and all for drugs once again. I am proud to say that the only substances I am using are Suboxone and tobacco. I must admit that to this day for some ludicrous reason I continue to shoot pure water into my veins but as far as I know that just means I need serious help…not that I relapsed. What do I know though.

I don’t have to be on dope to make major mistakes. Never have had to. So I know Carol is mad and she is saying this and that but guess what I don’t care to hear about it. I know who I am. I know what happen and nobody knows what they would do in my shoes cause they are mine. Oh and last but not least if you send me anything that Carol has posted about me or simply tell me something that she has posted or had to say about me you will be met with a dead silence. That is because I have switched over to Facebook in order to block you! Regardless of who u are.

Trouble In Paradise, Earle Van

Earle Van, a treatment center marketer, is having some serious problems. Not only in his personal life but it appears that some serious questions are being asked about fundraising he was part of at Christmas last year.

Questions are also being asked about the nonprofit that he uses in order to accept donations without paying taxes. If you look the nonprofit up though there hasn’t been any accounting of what is being done with the donations. It is true though that you have three years to report to the IRS but why would he wait?

In the meantime Earle has a bit of a love triangle that is exploding across social media. This is all too common with these male “advocates” Time and time again stories come out about the guys allegedly using their Facebook Famous status to prey on as many vulnerable young girls as they have time to cozy up to. Only to leave them more broken and sick then they were when they found them

These girls are in need of support and upliftment. The last thing they need is to be used by someone they thought was a good guy in recovery. What happens is it leaves them completely untrusting of recovery all together and could keep them from getting the lifesaving help that they need.

Please stop following these people and ladies don’t fall in love with one of these Facebook famous recovery marketers. Focus on you and find a man that loves you more than they love to hear themselves speak.

“Earle where are your 990’s for Hope On Deck?” asked a follower today. This isn’t going away, if you want to operate a nonprofit and have the benefits that come with it then we deserve to see how much is getting donated and exactly what you are doing with it. If you are unable to provide this information then something is not right.

We have contacted Earle Van and Hope On Deck and requested the 990’s. Of course we will keep you posted. If you have any more information about this or anything else please send us a message here on the blog or you may text at 502-617-0613

We hope that these allegations are wrong and if they are we will gladly report that with bells and whistles on. We don’t want there to be bad guys but if there are we are absolutely going to report on it.

Tim Ryan and Jennifer Gimenez Leave Wavelengths

This isn’t hot off the presses or anything but it looks like Tim and Jen have left Wavelengths Treatment Center. If you look at their profiles they have removed Wavelengths and in their videos they are no longer mentioning the center.

Where will they go next?

How on earth are they supporting their jet setting lifestyle? Who knows but I sure can’t wait to see A Man In Recoverys taxes this year. I have a feeling it is going to be a eye opening read since its been two years since they last filed. In order to keep their nonprofit standing they must file all three years this year.

Can’t wait

Oh and 1000% they are getting married. CONGRATULATIONS…

Heroin Epidemic or Treatment Epidemic?

It is obvious that there is an epidemic happening in our country and around the world. The question I want to ask all of you is what kind? Yes, heroin is being used by tons of people and many are dying. It is awful. As you know most got to the point of using heroin because of pill addiction. When their doctors refused to continue to prescribe or the dealer’s prices were too high many of us went to heroin. Right?

Wait, before heroin how many of them tried to get help for their pill addictions? Where were they sent for their treatment? Either 12 step meetings or a treatment center that promotes 12 step recovery right? Remember if you get arrested for anything where drug use is involved the judge will most likely sentence you to AA on top of whatever punishment. So most people who are addicted to heroin have been exposed to 12 step recovery in some form on their path to heroin addiction. Would you agree? Not all but many.

Not to mention the state that treatment centers are in. The whole patient brokering thing, the insurance fraud and just seeing dollar signs instead of people. We know that treatment has been broken at best. Then even when it’s a free place it is usually run simply by other addicts and the 12 step method is what most places focus on.

There is very few qualities therapist that work full time and there is usually just one doctor that is only in a couple of times a month. So AA/NA and Celebrate Recovery are the main forms of treatment.

It’s hasn’t been working people. I am sorry and I know that the big book thumpers are getting upset already but relax. This is just a question. Why if 12 steps is the way are we in the position that we are in? Why do so many people find themselves in meetings but not finding lasting sobriety?

AA says:

It works if you work it.

Fake it till you make it.

Yet 97% of the treatment programs in the United States today are 12 steps based. Yes, they might do some equine therapy if you pay some ungodly amount of money but most are simply holding AA meetings in-house. AA and NA are free everywhere except treatment centers. Treatment centers charge ungodly sums for something that is free. Why? It’s easy.

What about all the people that did what their sponsors asked of them. They did the homework and worked the steps but it just didn’t click. There are statistics that say 12 step recovery only has a 4% success rate. If a treatment center had a sign outside that said they only had a 4% success rate would you choose that center? Would you push your son or daughter to go there? No you wouldn’t.

Twelve-step programs have helped countless people across the world. There is no doubt about that but that doesn’t mean that it is the only way. Why can’t we have twelve-step meetings plus other methods? Now I don’t pretend to know the other option or options that we need. I am simply saying we need more options.

Is it possible that because AA and NA are the only things being used in most treatment centers that that is why or part of the reason we have found ourselves in an epidemic in the first place? Between big pharma, the greedy treatment centers, and mainly offering 12 step programs it seems we are in the midst of an addiction treatment epidemic instead of just heroin or opioid epidemic.

Maybe if the places people sought help at had more than a 4 percent success rate we wouldn’t be in the bind we are. Regardless of big pharma…tell me what you think.



If you aren’t following Alexis Johnson you should be.  Alexis doesn’t work for a treatment center.  She is a legit recovery advocate.  Alexis just celebrated 46 months clean.  Her sober birth date is 7-13-15.  Alexis advocates not only recovery from addiction but also for eating disorders.  In 2012 while in prison she learned how to binge and purge. Amazingly she is now 8 months clean.


Alexis is not only beautiful on the outside but she is beautiful on the inside as well.

She is currently the sole caretaker for her father who has cancer.  Cancer has played a major role in Alexis’ family.  She has a niece that has breast and lung cancer.  Her niece lost her father and brother to the same disease.  Alexis chose to take extreme measures to try and keep cancer at bay so after being tested it was advised that she have a hysterectomy because she was likely to develop cancer in her uterus so Alexis being the fighter that she is took the doctors advice and got the hysterectomy.

True Alexis won’t be able to birth any natural children but the good news is that she can adopt a child that needs a home and because Alexis chose to get the surgery done she now can live long enough to raise a child if she chooses to adopt.

Over the years Alexis has been published in 12 publications, including Playboy and Vogue. 2 magazine covers, and it has all been focused around addiction and recovery.  Alexis wants to show women and girls that recovery is possible.  She has overcome just about every hurtle that one can imagine and yet she is still going strong.


Ladies, Alexis Johnson has my vote for one of the ladies that we women in the community can get behind and hold our head up high while doing so.  She has never worked for a treatment center and vows not to do so.  Many centers have made offers but Alexis wants to do things her way and not be tied to a certain treatment center.  If you need help she wants to help.  She may not know all the answers or have a handful of scholarships but Alexis knows the path to recovery.  Alexis is available for motivational speaking so if you have an event coming up be sure you have Alexis lined up to speak.  We need strong females out there people and this is one for sure.

#teamalexisjohnson here.  Don’t get left behind people.  If you aren’t following her then get with the program.

Click here to go to Alexis Facebook page